The New "Body Marbling" Trend Is Must-See Stuff, People

Like temporary tats on LSD.

(Image credit: Archives)

The best way we can think to describe body marbling, a new trend making the rounds on the festival scene, is what it would look like if you took a bath with 100 of Lush's bath bombs and the swirls of kaleidoscope colors literally *transferred* onto your skin.

The brainchild of body painting company Black Light Visuals, the technique consists of filling tubs up with water and skin-safe acrylic paint, then having people dip their limbs in the mixture to create colorful, marbleized imprints.

What keeps it from getting all over your denim cut-offs and crop tops? That'd be priming the skin with a salt solution, which helps the paint stick, then holding your choice limbs under a dryer.

We are very much here for taking temporary tattoos to the next level. The question is: Do you think we can pull off a Lauren-Satlowski-style face marbling situation?

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Lauren Valenti
Beauty Editor

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