Because We Should Have Seen This Coming: "Boob Masking" Is Officially a Thing

The thirst is real.

Design by Sade Adeyina

At the rate things are moving, we're going to be slipping our entire bodies into life-size sheet masks by 2018. The latest body part to getting the extra-hydration treatment? The girls.

While "boob masks" may sound like overkill, the reality is that the chest is one of the most logical areas to show a little TLC. Because they're muscle-free, their firmness is literally dependent on the skin. And sadly, as we age, we lose elasticity, which is why things start to sag in the first place. To keep a complexion bouncy and youthful-looking, you must give it moisture...and LOTS of it, which is where the right treatments come into play.

Functioning much like face masks—packed with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and antioxidants—liquid-y sheets cover the entire breasts, with holes for the nipples. After 30 minutes of letting 'em marinate in the hydrating elixir, they'll be softer, brighter, and more supple. And because many of them come from Korea and Japan, they're just about as kitschy and novel as you'd expect.

But much like you would when it comes to your visage, you should always pay close attention to a mask's ingredient list, and stay away from harsh preservatives and fragrances.

Happy boobing?

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