There's a New Makeup Blender in Town—And It's Already Breaking the Internet

Meet Evie.

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Sponge applicators, like our beloved beautyblender, gives us that seamless, Insta-filter-like finish we covet when it comes to foundation. Wetting the sponge, a trick we learned from Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, makes the streak-free blending all the more smooth. But here's the thing, when the plush material is dry, and especially when it's wet, it's sopping up A LOT of precious product, which can be detrimental to our wallets—and our hearts— whether it's a $15 drugstore formula or the expensive-but-worth-it $64 Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

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That's why when the SiliSponge, a clear, non-porous silicone applicator, was discovered on Reddit, everyone freaked out. And now, it seems the innovation had spawned a whole new genre of applicator. The sequel? Meet The Evie Sponge.

A wedge of hypoallergenic, glittery silicone, it has a wider base for coverage of larger areas, as well as a smaller pointed end for the inner and under eyes. Perhaps its greatest bragging right is the fact that it lasts over a *year* with proper care. You can wash it with warm water and soap, or even give it a next-level cleanse by tossing it into boiling water.

More hygienic, sanitary, and eco-friendly, we love these silicone sponges in theory. But whether or not these are going to change the game has yet to be determined. One show of faith? The Evie Blender has already raised $7,000 in 10 days on its KickStarter page, where you can get more info or join the movement.

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