Power Pick: The Sneaker That We're Wearing With All Our Fall ’Fits

It’s ultra comfortable.

(Image credit: Future)

Welcome to Power Picks, a monthly series on the things that help us navigate our lives, step into our personal power, or simply get us through our day-to-day. Our hope is that by sharing what makes us feel great, we can help you feel great, too. 

Look into my shoe closet, and you’ll notice one thing: sneakers on sneakers on sneakers. They’re piled high and dominate the space. And truthfully, I can’t get enough of them. No two pairs are the same, and this is coming from someone who has the same pair of sneakers in multiple colors. On my neighborhood walk around Abbot Kinney the other day (I’m a Venice, California, local), I noticed a running-shoe store I’d never seen before, so naturally, I had to check things out. 

The store was Brooks, and its sneaker selection was immaculate. While there are so many styles to choose from, my heart now officially belongs to the Ghost Max sneaker.

The Ghost Max sneaker is a literal cloud for your feet. I’m not exaggerating. The “Max” in the name correlates with the maximum comfort you’ll feel when wearing this shoe. On Brooks’s cushioning scale, it’s ranked at the highest level. I have notoriously bad knees (I blame my high school track days), so I’m always looking for something that’s going to decrease pressure and provide extra support. The curved sole on the Ghost Max acts like a rocker, propelling me forward and making me feel like I could go all day. 

Whether you’re a hardcore runner or more of a leisurely neighborhood walker or jogger like myself, you’ll want to take these for a spin. The sneaker comes in such fun colors—I’m partial to the pink—to go with all your activewear outfits. Snap up your pair at Zappos.com before they sell out. 

Anneliese Henderson
Senior Fashion Editor, Branded Content