Hey, Boss, You've Got Something in Your Teeth

How candid are you with your boss?

It's never pleasant to alert a colleague that his fly is open — particularly when the crotch in question belongs to your supervisor. Yet half of the nearly 4500 respondents to a recent survey by CareerBuilder.com said they would, in fact, tip off a higher-up if his zipper was undone; 49 percent said they'd let him know if he had remnants of lunch stuck in his teeth; and more than a third conceded they'd even point out a stain on his shirt. "The workplace is getting a little more casual these days, and people are willing to be more candid," says Allison Nawoj, a CareerBuilder spokeswoman.

The survey also found that men are generally more forthcoming than women about their colleagues' embarrassing gaffes. Case in point: Nearly a third of the men polled said they'd tell an underling she needed a breath mint, while only 25 percent of women said they'd do the same. What of the disheveled assistant with the funky stench? A third of men, versus just 23 percent of women, said they'd actually notify him that he needed a shower. Ladies, the next time you're hesitant about telling the boss that her mascara is running, just remember — that could be you delivering a presentation with raccoon eyes.