7 Brilliant Gifts for Your New College Grad

Smart picks that will make their adulting future look pretty bright.

Marie Claire

For the class of 2020, the future might be looking a little fuzzier than it did just a few months ago. It’s a tough time to break into the real world, so this year, give your college grad a boost that will get them excited to move forward. Perhaps a tech upgrade that’s just as savvy as they are or a style investment that’s sure to pay-off with big returns. Here are a few cutting-edge gifts that will help set them on the path to success, no matter where their next steps take them.

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1 Galaxy Tab S6
Samsung samsung.com

Your university grad spent years lugging a heavy laptop to class. Now's the time to take that weight off their shoulders. The ultra-thin Galaxy Tab S6 with DeX PC-like technology and enhanced battery life will make it a breeze for them to create a versatile set up pretty much anywhere. The sleek tablet is perfect for showing off an impressive portfolio during a job interview—just use the included S Pen accessory to transition seamlessly between apps—or for highlighting those collaboration skills by marking up your presentation in real-time.

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2 Stagg EKG Electric Kettle
Fellow Products fellowproducts.com

A morning jolt of caffeine is a prerequisite for most functioning adults, and newly minted grads of every degree will appreciate the stylish elegance of this electric kettle. The variable temperature control and app connectivity make it next-level nerdy, but then again, finding the perfect cup of coffee is always a worthy pursuit.

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3 Matisse Striped Mohair And Wool Throw
Moda Operandi
Mantas Ezcaray modaoperandi.com

The real world can be a pretty cold place—so why not blanket your grad with some much-needed warmth? This refined throw is an ultra-soft blend of mohair and wool, and the Matisse-inspired stripes will jumpstart their post-college pad with some serious style. When the going gets tough—or slightly chilly—your grad can turn to this comforting and sentimental treasure to find a bright spot.

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4 Correspondence Cards
Dempsey & Carroll
Dempsey & Carroll dempseyandcarroll.com

Your grad needs to know that thank you notes and flowers are the social currency of the professional world. Give your grad a leg-up with beautiful stationery that will impress. Go with a monogram initial for a no-nonsense approach or try a witty unicorn emblem for those getting ready to make a splash at their new start-up. Here's hoping your gift will make you the recipient of this lovely heart note.

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5 Abalone Signet Necklace
Legier legier.la

Sometimes a major factor of success is simply a bit of good luck.  The abalone in this signet necklace is meant to inspire feelings of balance, calm, and strength—which we all could use right about now—but you can also choose a stone based on astrological alignment. Even if your grad isn't a believer in luck, this chic totem will deliver on the compliments anyway.

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6 Clean Essentials Kit
Blueland goop.com

There might be something to the "clean house, clean life" mantra those TV personalities are pushing. Help your grad have the freshest of starts by putting them on to a grown-up cleaning routine. This essentials kit is equal parts practical and sustainable—it comes with sleek reusable bottles and solution tablets to cover all the cleaning bases with none of the waste. Tablet refills are only a few dollars, so it's a win for the wallet and the earth.

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7 Born to Party Forced To Work

Now that your grad has made it through mountains of textbooks, it's time to give the gift of a little light reading. Restock their bookshelf—or coffee table–with this inspiring story of how one man turned his personal passion into a wildly successful career. The page-turner not only offers the great lessons in hospitality but is perfect for those looking to carve out a unique path.

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