Will Sharing Your Salary on Twitter Solve the Wage Equality Problem?

#talkpay picks up steam.

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What's the secret to ending the wage gap? For Lauren Voswinkel, a software developer based in Pittsburgh, it came down to sharing her salary. On May 1 (International Workers' Day, a UK holiday), Voswinkel made a bold statement: She tweeted her job title, professional experience, and how much she makes—dollar for dollar.

The developer admitted it took her years, three job changes, and salary negotiations to realize how much she was really worth—and just how much she was being underpaid. "I just found myself thinking, how long have I been underpaid? How could I have prevented this? What was I missing?" Voswinkel told The Guardian. "And I realized it was mostly because of a lack of conversation around pay."

So the developer called for others to share their titles and salaries with the hashtag #talkpay in hopes to change how women think about their salaries *and* help increase awareness among all genders.

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Now the question is—are you bold enough to share your salary?

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