10 Excuses For When You're Ducking Out Of The Office For An Interview

It's a balancing act.

excuses to leave the office for an interview
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It happened. You've scored the interview you've been hoping for. The job that could propel you from your current status as an assistant to a new role with exciting new and challenging responsibilities. But the biggest hurdle you're facing isn't acing the interview, but sneaking out of your current job for an hour to have the chance to do so.

1. Family emergency. Hopefully Grandma won't mind me using "a fall on her bad hip" as a reason to skip out of the office early. (Please no bad karma, please no bad karma)

2. Doctor's appointment. I have an urgent prescription to be filled and they just couldn't fit me in after 5. Plus, they had me waiting for 45 minutes before seeing me. Ugh, doctor's offices!

3. Extended lunch. Oops, did I really just take 90 minutes for lunch? I was catching up with an…old friend…from out of town…and lost track of time.

4. Trip to the Apple store. My hard drive is this close to fried and I need to see the Genius. You know how hard it is to get those appointments.

5. Health reasons. My cramps are so bad it feels like someone is wringing out my insides. I think I need to head home early.

6. Delivery man is on his way. I'm expecting a super important, very expensive package that I need to be there to sign for. FedEx gave me a window of 2-6 p.m., so I'm going to need to work the rest of the day from home.

7. You're on airport pick-up duty. My boss can't honestly expect that I'm the type of daughter who wouldn't pick up her own mother from the airport, could she?

8. Get it done early. There was traffic/train delays/an accident and that's why I'm a bit late today. Commuting can be such a pain sometimes!

9. Take a vacation day. Something has come up and I'm going to need to unexpectedly take the day off on [fill in the day].

10. And please, please, please, don't let the interview be scheduled at a restaurant near my current office. I don't want to pull a Rachel.


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