The Lying Matrix

Our karmic continuum of dishonesty.

Plamen Petkov

Thanks for sprucing up our shared office with that Anne Geddes calendar.

Who hasn't been to Prague?

I floss every day.

I was reading The Economist . . .

Of course I saw Amistad.

I had a deviated septum.

It's the biggest one I've ever seen.


Yes, I tried rebooting.

The temp - whose last day was yesterday - did it.

I'm working on a screenplay.

I forgot my wallet.

It must have gone right to spam.

Gwyneth and I used to hang out in prep school.

I almost died once.


So bummed I can't come to the wedding, but my grandmother passed away.

That was your yogurt in the fridge? I thought it was just free food.

As part of my thesis, I spent a summer in a Kenyan village teaching blind orphans Web design.

David Bowie could be my father.

I grew up in a mansion in Grosse Pointe/in the slums of Compton.

The client will only meet me for three-hour lunches, and she insists on making her final decision in the shoe department at Nordstrom.

I'm half Cherokee.

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