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Straight from the CEO's mouth. It doesn't get any better than that.

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Scoring that first job out of college can be tough. You need a top-notch resume, killer cover letter, and a network of well-connected friends (that you just don't have straight out of school). Also, your social media presence is more important than ever. According to recruiting firm Jobvite, 92 percent of recruiters have hired through LinkedIn, 24 percent through Facebook, and 14 percent through Twitter.

But there's no need to stress; we've got you covered! Interested in working at AHAlife, an online marketplace for creative, inspiring objects you can't find anywhere else? Follow these five simple tips from AHAlife CEO and Founder Shauna Mei, and you'll be a shoe-in for the job.

1. Understand the brand and the broader online retail marketplace.

"We love when candidates really know the company. Remark on something you've seen on our social media, tell us about your favorite AHAlife designers, and know our competitors. We want to see that you've invested time and effort into learning about our company and that you're as passionate about AHAlife as we are."

aha life

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2. Relate college leadership roles to the job you want.

"We look for candidates with intellectual horsepower, problem solving ability, and analytical skills, but we have no preferences in degrees and areas of study. What's important is how people apply past experiences to their future goals."

3. Be polite to your interviewer.

"It was raining when I went to meet a candidate near our office on Bond Street. He took off his jacket and made an umbrella for me since I had forgotten mine. He was applying for a brand manager position, so his generosity of spirit immediately proved he was a great fit for the position."

4. Know what your superpower is.

"During an interview we always ask the following questions: 'What makes your background most suitable for the online marketplace business model?' 'What does the concept of "conscious consumption" mean to you?' and 'What's your superpower and why?'"

5. Google yourself before you apply.

"We do a Google search to find unique facts about you that we missed out on during the interview. When your LinkedIn comes up it offers a fast way to see your experience, education, skill sets, and interests. We won't be trolling your Facebook for pictures your college roommate posted – but make sure there isn't anything you'd be embarrassed for us to see!"

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