Emily Blunt Insists She’s Not the A-List Actor Who “Screamed” At Rebecca Ferguson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has already cleared his name.

Emily Blunt Insists She’s Not the A-List Actor Who “Screamed” At Rebecca Ferguson.
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Emily Blunt is here to set the record straight.

In a recent interview to promote her new movie Dune: Part Two, actress Rebecca Ferguson claimed she refused to work with an “absolute idiot of a costar” after this person yelled at her on set.

“I remember there was a moment and this human being was being so insecure and angry because this person couldn’t get the scenes out," Ferguson explained while speaking on the Reign with Josh Smith podcast. “I think I was so vulnerable and uncomfortable that I got screamed at.”

Ferguson went on to claim that her former co-star would yell at her “in front of the whole crew,” but producers let them off the proverbial hook because they were the “number one on a call sheet.”

“There was no safety net for me, so no one had my back," she added. "And I would cry walking off set."

Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson poses for a photocall during the preview screening event for the film 'Dune: Part Two.'

Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson poses during the preview screening event for the film 'Dune: Part Two.'

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Ferguson declined to name her former co-star, but did eventually rule out her peers Tom Cruise and Hugh Jackman. (Ferguson worked with Cruise on a recent Mission Impossible film and with Jackman on the 2017 film The Greatest Showman.)

Now, and as fans continue to speculate on the identity of Ferguson's former co-star, Emily Blunt has come forward to add her list to the names of actors who want to distance themselves from Ferguson's claims.

“Rebecca and Emily are friends and there’s nothing but love between them,” a representative for Emily Blunt told the Daily Mail earlier this week.

Blunt and Ferguson worked together on the 2016 film The Girl On The Train.

Dwane "The Rock" Johnson has also come to Ferguson's defense and to clear his name.

In a message posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, Johnson said: "Hate seeing this but love seeing her stand up to bullshit. Rebecca was my guardian angel sent from heaven on our set. I love that woman. I’d like to find out who did this.”

Fans did notice that Ferguson does follow Johnson on Instagram.

Recalling the troubling incident, Ferguson told podcast host Josh Smith that she eventually "looked at this person and I said, ‘You can F off. I’m gonna work towards a tennis ball. I never want to see you again.'"

Ferguson went on to say that she would "only shoot with the person" if she could "act towards the back of their head," which is what she did for the remainder of the unknown film.

The plot thickens...

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