Exclusive: Natalia Dyer Explains Whether or Not Nancy and Jonathan Are Actually Dating

FYI, you might not like the answer.

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This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things 2.

Stranger Things' second season was full of satisfying moments, but none spoke to the Tumblr-lurking super fans quite like Nancy and Jonathan's epic kiss.

But what does it mean? Are Nancy and Jonathan together now? Is #Jancy an official thing? Because it's not exactly clear at the end of the finale. Sure, Nancy and Jonathan both helped out at the Snow Ball and sure, they shared that ~knowing look~, but they also shared a ~knowing look~ at the end of Season 1, and Nancy was definitely still with Steve then.

So in the interest of Stranger Things-related investigative journalism, we asked Natalia Dyer to weigh in. And, well...turns out that scene was frustratingly ambiguous on purpose—and she's fine with that. "It’s hard to say," she told MarieClaire.com. "Because not only is this a very up-and-down time of life—you’re figuring yourself out and just growing up—you're [also] adding all of the catalytic supernatural things going on that makes it even crazier, so I think it’s hard."

That's fair. Nancy does have a lot going on. She's dealing with being a teenager and also with helping save the world from monsters on a semi-annual basis. It's a lot.

"I think it’s open-ended for a reason," Dyer continued. "I think it’s really hard to say which way that could go. And, to make the point, I don’t think it has to go either way, necessarily. Even for me, I’m not entirely sure where they’re going to end up."

In other words: Keep shipping until Season 3. Godspeed.


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