Channing Tatum Finally Revealed How He Told Jenna Dewan About His Stripper Past

Do tell, Channing.

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As anyone who's seen Magic Mike is well aware, Channing Tatum began his career as a stripper at a local nightclub, where he was known as "Chan Crawford." Flash-forward a few years later and he's happily married to Jenna Dewan—so how did he tell her about his stripper past? (Not, by the way, that he has anything to be ashamed of.)


"I think it was one of the very first like dinners we ever had together," he explained to ET about telling Jenna. "I don't know. I'm not shy about it. She was just like, 'What?' She needed to know just like everybody."

Channing added that Jenna didn't even ask many follow up questions: "Weirdly enough, girls ask less questions then guys do. Guys want to know everything about it like, what how much? When? Were you naked?"

Speaking of how much, Channing said he didn't get paid nearly enough for his efforts: "Sadly, not enough. Like for what I was doing for the dollar, not enough of the dollars."

#TheMoreYouKnow #JusticeForChanCrawford


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