Katy Perry Had a Wardrobe Malfunction on 'American Idol'

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Last night, Katy Perry made her mark as an American Idol judge by kissing one contestant, dancing with another, and suffering through an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Well, embarrassing for us normals, anyway. Katy laughed the entire thing off.

Katy got up to dance during contestant Michelle Sussett's audition. As the hopeful sang Selena’s "Techno Cumbia," Katy lost her balance and fell and the skirt of her dress was not prepared for it.


Her miniskirt no longer covered what it was intended to cover, so the American Idol team oh-so-classily slapped the show's logo over Katy's exposed areas.


“Oh dear god…there are things a man can’t unsee,” Katy's co-judge Luke Bryan joked as he rushed to her aid.


Luckily, Katy was more or less unfazed by the tumble because she's a pro. Later in the episode, contestant Benjamin Glaze told the judges that he'd never been kissed. Katy took it upon herself to be his first, leading to countless "she kissed a boy and she liked it" jokes.

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