Inside the Life of Alexandra Shipp, 'X-Men's New "Storm"

She's taking the world know.

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(Image credit: Guy Lowndes)

Ticket to Hollywood: I came to L.A. from Phoenix at 17 to become a musician. But I decided to focus on acting and keep writing music for myself. You know those black-and-white composition notebooks? I have 100 of them. Some of it is so embarrassing! I wanted to be Lauryn Hill. Now I read them and I'm like, Who do you think you are?

Born this way: I was that kid in the grocery store who was hitting Björk notes. No one could stop me!

String theory: I bought myself a guitar in Montreal, where we filmed X-Men. It was a bit of a Hell yeah, you're Storm! moment.

DJ, play my song: I'm releasing a six-song EP next year. I'm just going to put it out there into the world!

Feed your soul: Music, for me, means feeling good. Like a really great home-cooked meal. I want my music to make you feel as satisfied as your mom's pie does. Why else do it?

Follow her @AlexShipppp. Fashion Editor: Brittany Kozerski; Hair: Larry Sims for GOT2B at Forward Artists; Makeup: Mylah Morales for Dior Beauty at Fr8me.

This article appears in the May issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands now.