Meghan Markle Forgot Her "Duchess Slant"—Then Saved It at the Last Minute

She quickly realized her mistake.

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Nobody ever said this Duchess thing would be easy, but Meghan Markle is starting to get the hang of the endless royal protocol. Yesterday at the Queen’s Young Leaders Awards, Meghan was caught on camera saving herself from making a major monarchy no-no.

In her new life as royalty, Meghan has had to make a few sacrifices—no longer showing her shoulders, giving up garlic, and leaving behind her successful television career. These sacrifices also include sitting on a chair like a normal human.

Rather than casually crossing her legs or carelessly manspreading like husband Prince Harry, Meghan must now perfect the art of “the Duchess slant”, which Kate Middleton has already earned all possible awards and accolades in.

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The technique, which sees one somehow position one’s body with crossed legs below the knee followed by a parallel leg slant, is definitely a whole lot more ladylike and elegant, but also pretty confusing and technically maybe a contortionist move.

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While taking her seat for official photographs alongside Harry and the Queen, the Duchess of Sussex briefly forget her new life as a leg slanter, but the moment that she realizes her mistake and flawlessly switches pose is all kinds of impressive.

Sigh. It’s a whole lot easier to be a Prince, isn’t it?

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