Sarah Silverman Really, Really Loves Mr. Rogers

"We’ll all be able to see ourselves in each other, and when that happens, anything will be possible."

These days we need the comedian's humor and humanity more than ever. Good thing she's back on Hulu with season two of I Love You, America, ready to stream September 6.

1. IF I WEREN’T A COMEDIAN/ACTOR, I’D BE: A teacher, a sociologist, an anthropologist, someone who works with gorillas, or a corrupt politician.

2. BEST CAREER ADVICE I’VE GOTTEN: “You are a very special person. There is only one like you in the whole world. There’s never been anyone exactly like you before, and there will never be again. Only you. And people can like you exactly as you are.” (Mr. Rogers told me that from my TV when I was little.)

3. THE THREE QUALITIES THAT GOT ME WHERE I AM TODAY: Sense of humor, a big mouth, empathy.

4. MOMENT I FELT I’D MADE IT: When I passed at the Comic Strip in NYC at 19 and got paid for my stand-up (10 bucks a show!).

5. EASIEST CAREER DECISION I’VE EVER MADE: Leaving college to work during the day and do stand-up at night full-time.

6. FAVORITE PERK OF THE JOB: People let me hold their babies.

7. WORST PITFALL OF THE JOB: Getting stared at at an airport when I’m depressed and not feeling social at all. (Usually I’m a people person, but I can’t control when I’m not.)

8. CHANGE I’D LIKE TO SEE IN MY INDUSTRY: Inclusion. More voices until mainstream art reflects all voices. We’ll all be able to see ourselves in each other, and when that happens, anything will be possible.

9. WHO DO YOU ADMIRE AND WHY? Mr. Rogers is my hero. He loved and cared very much for all children—all of us. He knew that mental health, compassion, and empathy were crucial to a happy, healthy world.

10. SONG THAT ALWAYS MAKES ME CRY: “My Backwards Walk,” by Frightened Rabbit.

11. MOVIE WITH THE GREATEST ENDING: Defending Your Life. I cry every time.

12. ON MY BUCKET LIST: To live a long, happy life and to have had great love 'til the end.

13. IF I COULD LIVE IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY, IT WOULD BE: Maybe Bhutan or the Netherlands? I’ve never been to either, but Bhutan measures success by “Gross National Happiness,” and the Netherlands has a high score.


15. ONE THING I’M EPICALLY BAD AT: Also, sometimes, communicating.

16. SUPERHERO POWER I’D WANT TO HAVE: To fly! (But with temperature control.)

17. HOW I CLEAR MY MIND AFTER A CRAPPY DAY: I lie down and get quiet. Naps provide almost all the answers.


19. THE THREE QUALITIES I KNOW NOW MATTER: Kind, loves himself, has dealt with his shit.

20. RELATIONSHIP ADVICE TO MY YOUNGER SELF: Don’t sacrifice your career for love. If he really loved you, he wouldn’t want that. You don’t see him doing it, do you?!

21. MOMENT I KNEW I WAS IN LOVE: I see home in his face.

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