Cole Sprouse Spills His Favorite 'Riverdale' Fan Theory in a Surprise Reddit AMA

I can totally buy this. This is what's actually happening, no one can convince me otherwise.

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 His favorite episode to date, of course, gives us more on who Jughead is:He's thankful for his child star past, as well as those who took a chance on him in spite of it:Each season of Riverdale has a theme? WHAT:Jughead is due some changes in season 3:Props to whoever came up with this (entirely plausible) fan theory:His one regret from the second season:

Oh, Riverdale. While we anxiously await the series' third season, it's hard not to delve deep into the mystery and mythology that makes up our favorite little town. Fan theories are fun, but man, do people take them seriously. So desperate are we, the fans of Riverdale, for more information–any kind of information–on what's to come for our favorite Jingle-Jangling Gang of Merry Misfits, that when Cole Sprouse shows up on the Riverdale subreddit to do a spontaneous AMA (or Ask Me Anything, if acronyms aren't your thing), it's pretty much the best thing to happen in 2018. Until Riverdale returns Wednesday, October 10, of course.

Here's the best of his answers, plus some insight onto his favorite fan theory:

 His favorite episode to date, of course, gives us more on who Jughead is:

"The episode we're finishing now is one that introduces us to the rest of the Jones family, while also being an Archie/Jughead narrative. Always fun getting to work with KJ, nice to finally meet Jug's momma too."

He's thankful for his child star past, as well as those who took a chance on him in spite of it:

"I'd say the biggest challenge doesn't come from you as an actor (as most actors are prepared to be versatile), it actually comes from the audience wanting their childhood to stay etched in stone. I've had the privilege of being on a couple shows that have reached a rare level of success within the industry, and a longevity that many people grew up alongside. That process of growing up, and wanting the childhood to always remain nostalgic, can keep a lot of actors in the same place. Public identity is a huge part of hiring potential, and it often takes a showrunner or casting director's belief in an actor's talent or appeal to look past that indentity. I intentionally left entertainment for five years, and experienced life, grew up a bit, trained, got a haircut, went to college, and the audience grew with me. Very thankful for that."

Each season of Riverdale has a theme? WHAT:

"Every season is a slightly different genre, so "craziness" or "realism" is dependent on that genre. First season was a murder mystery, season 2A was more of a horror, season 2B was a crime drama. Season 3 is a cult mystery."

Jughead is due some changes in season 3:

"Jughead was definitely a different character in season 2, and will be in season 3 as well. Every season is a slightly different genre and feeling, and so the characters are re-imagined slightly as well. What I will say about season 1 vs season 2 Jughead is that in season 1, Jug practically had no flaws. He was a quirky, quick-witted, socially averse, young writer and love interest who risks it all for loyalty and love. This character type is often well-loved. Season 2, Jughead is a flawed character. He's beaten, recruited, told he's royalty, given power very quickly, brash, hotheaded, outspoken, violent, has a savior complex, and because of this, gets punished (badly). He's no longer as easily liked, but he's a much more three dimensional character imo. Season three, after his close call with the grim reaper, he's calm, loyal, confident, brave, and understanding of his own mistakes. Also he eats all the time, I think you'll like him."

Props to whoever came up with this (entirely plausible) fan theory:

"Heard one on set that mentioned pop as feeding everyone burgers and shakes laced with trace amounts of lead, causing everyone to go insane and imagine riverdale as it currently stands."

His one regret from the second season:

"I think if I could go back to season 2, I would have eaten a lot more."

I mean, same? I would have eaten more too, Cole.

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