Tamera Mowry Mourns Her Niece Alaina Housley Who Was Killed in the Thousand Oaks Shooting

"My heart breaks. I’m still in disbelief."

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When mass shootings started to become a daily occurrence in America, we became numb to the news. We often don't think of the people who've experienced these horrific acts of violence as human beings—we think of them as victims. Another statistic. But it becomes all too real when someone we know, or in this case someone we've grown up watching, loses someone close to them.

Tamera Mowry, best known for her role in the '90s sitcom Sister, Sister, lost a family member in the Thousand Oaks shooting yesterday. The shooter murdered 12 people at the Borderline Bar & Grill during a college country night—including Alaina Housley, Mowry's 18-year-old niece who was a freshman at Pepperdine University.

She posted a heartbreaking tribute to her niece on Instagram last night:

"Alaina. My sweet, sweet Alaina. My heart breaks. I’m still in disbelief. It’s not fair how you were taken and how soon you were taken from us. I was blessed to know you ever since you were 5. You stole my heart. I will miss our inside jokes, us serenading at the piano. Thank you for being patient with me learning how to braid your hair, and I will never forget our duet singing the national anthem at Napa’s soccer game. I love you. I love you. I love you. You are gonna make one gorgeous angel. My heart and prayers are with every victim of this tragedy."

Mowry is married to Adam Housley, who also mourned his niece on Instagram. The posts speak for themselves:

"I really don’t know what to say other than I love this girl with all my heart and I’d give my life right now for a miracle. #thehousleys @alaina.housleyy"

"My sweet, sweet...Alaina. Oh how I miss you. Oh how I miss u. #heartbroken"

If you want to put an end to gun violence, learn more at Everytown or click here.


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