Debbie Harry Thinks Oprah Should Be President

Oh, and she just binge-watched Big Little Lies.

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For the legendary lead singer of Blondie, whose memoir Face It comes out next month, margaritas are a current favorite, but lipstick is forever. Here, Debbie Harry answers rapid-fire questions for Marie Claire.

Best Career Advice I've Gotten:

Get proper legal representation as soon as possible!

The Three Qualities That Got Me Where I Am Today:

Determination, tenacity, and unbridled optimism.

Moment I Felt I Made It:

Not necessarily when I “made it” per se, but the first night I achieved a well-organized and sharply focused performance (upstairs at Max’s Kansas City in 1976). Everything came together (from a live perspective) for the first time. This night was documented by photographer Bob Gruen.

Work I'd Do for Free:

Activism and supporting and fundraising for environmental causes.

How I Made My First Dollar:

A summer job as an au pair at 13 years old. I was assisting a woman in my neighborhood who had four children (and was pregnant with her fifth).

Who Do You Admire and Why?

I admire Oprah Winfrey for her continually optimistic and intelligent state of mind. I think Oprah should be president. (But I wouldn’t wish the job on anyone!)

Last Thing I Binge-Watched:

Family Guy and Big Little Lies.

Book That Left a Lasting Impression on Me:

You Can’t Go Home Again, by Thomas Wolfe.

Song I'd Want Played at My Funeral:

Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

First Album I Bought:

Afro Blue, by the Cal Tjader Sextet.

Cocktail of Choice:

Always evolving, but I’m enjoying margaritas at the moment.

If I Could Live in a Foreign Country, It Would Be:

I feel like I am living in a foreign country right now (here in the U.S.).

My Perfect Day Would Begin:

Waking up next to a great-looking guy.

My Perfect Day Would End:

Drifting off to sleep next to a great-looking guy.

How I Clear My Mind After a Crappy Day:

I started practicing Transcendental Meditation six months ago.

Something Nice I Did for Myself Recently Because, Hey, Why Not:


The Last Time I Felt Beautiful Was:

While we were filming the video for Blondie’s “Doom or Destiny” [2017] with Joan Jett.

The Beauty Essential You'd Have to Pry Out of My Cold, Dead Hands:


The Qualities I Thought I Wanted in a Partner:

Sense of humor, libido, and kindness/generosity.

The Qualities I Know Now Matter:

Balance, integrity, good communication, feelings shared honestly and openly, unselfishness, genuine love and friendship—and a strong libido.

This article originally appears in the September 2019 issue of Marie Claire.



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