Scotland's Top Doctor Hinted Prince Charles Was Tested for Coronavirus Because of Pre-Existing Health Issues

The Prince Of Wales And Duchess Of Cornwall Attend The Reopening Of Hillsborough Castle & Gardens
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  • Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus, a royal spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday.
  • News that he received the test despite "mild symptoms" triggered outrage among some, as shortages prevent frontline healthcare workers from getting tested.
  • Scotland's chief medical officer, Dr Catherine Calderwood, hinted that Charles and Camilla were tested because of pre-existing health issues, saying, "My understanding is there were very good reasons for that person and his wife to be tested."
  • Clarence House, Charles' royal household, declined to comment on the speculation.

    Coronavirus test shortages in the UK have prevented even healthcare professionals working at the forefront of the pandemic from being tested; thus, when a royal spokesperson announced Prince Charles tested positive after displaying "mild symptoms," some argued that the royal's wealth and status granted him preferential treatment. But Scotland's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Catherine Calderwood, hinted that Charles and Camilla may have had underlying health issues that made them extra vulnerable to the virus, during an appearance on BBC Radio Scotland.

    "My understanding is there were very good reasons for that person and his wife to be tested," Dr. Calderwood said, as the Telegraph reports, adding, "Obviously I wouldn't be able to disclose anything else that I know because of patient confidentiality."

    According to royal correspondent Richard Palmer, Clarence House declined to comment on whether Charles and Camilla received the test because of pre-existing health issues.

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    The U.K.'s minister of state for health, Edward Argar, also denied that Charles received a COVID-19 test because of his royal status. Speaking to Sky News, he said, "My understanding is that his symptoms, his condition, met that criteria."

    "The Prince of Wales did not jump the queue," Argar said.

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