Meghan Markle Is Following In Princess Diana's Footsteps, Diana's Friend Said

"Diana was decades ahead of her time..."

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When Meghan Markle stepped away from the royal family to forge her own path with husband Prince Harry, she embodied the same "spirit" and "courage" that Diana had shown decades earlier, Diana's friend and voice coach Stewart Pearce told The Sun. While many British royal commentators have blasted Prince Harry for speaking frankly and publicly about the challenges of royal life—one claimed Harry would be a "broken man" upon "realizing what he's done"—Pearce took a different approach. "What we hear is a young man emotionally excavating and having an emotional autopsy on what he believes the values of the world are," he said.

Pearce, who worked with Diana for two years, is the author of Diana: The Voice of Change and self-describes as "an angelic facilitator, a seer, a sound healer, and an internationally renowned voice coach." He told The Sun: “Diana was decades ahead of her time, she changed the world with hope, empowerment, kindness, and authenticity."

When drawing comparisons between Diana and Meghan, Pearce compared Diana's frank and candid interviews—Diana's interview with Martin Bashir, for example, which was secured under blatantly immoral means, but helped her win the hearts of the British public—with Meghan and Harry's tell-all interview with Oprah.

"There is a vibrational difference, but the point is that the courage, the sensitivity that it took to come forth with those revelations was outstanding and I felt that what Meghan was actually living through was the spirit of revelation, the spirit of transparency that Diana was trying to achieve," he said.

Diana was a “female empowerment pioneer," Pearce added. Like Diana, Meghan is trying to "speak her truth." "There is a similarity between both women that their voices have changed." He may mean that both literally and figuratively, given his profession. Weighing in on Harry's current relationship to the royal family, Pearce said, "The stories we’ve heard about the boys not getting on or disparagement between Harry and his father, is the stuff of all our lives. In Harry’s tone of expression we do not hear spleen, anger, revenge, reprisal and hear no form of disrespect."


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