Side-By-Side Photos of Princess Diana In 'The Crown' vs. Real Life

It's uncanny!

Princess Diana
(Image credit: Netflix + Getty Images)

When you have one of the largest budgets in Netflix history, it's only proper to go all in. At $13 million an episode (yes, even higher than Stranger Things), The Crown is no stranger to putting dollars where it matters. Whether it's shooting on location at historical sites like the famed Ely Cathedral or spending $37,000 on a single dress, they know where to put money. Especially when you're capturing the story of icons like Diana Spencer, the shy 19-year-old kindergarten teacher turned People's Princess. Di is a big part of the season that dropped on Netflix on November 15—bringing a whole lot of drama and great '70s and '80s fashion inspiration with it. In honor of The Crown's return, we rounded up the best Princess Diana outfits the show has recreated so far. While the show doesn't always replicate ensembles exactly as they were in real life, sometimes they match up so well it's like we're seeing double.

Bianca Rodriguez

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