Tina Brown’s New Book About the Royals Could Change How People View Them

'The Palace Papers' will be a follow-up to Brown's 2007 bestseller 'The Diana Chronicles.'

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With Prince Harry’s reportedly no-holds-barred memoir due out next year (at what’s been deemed a pretty inconvenient time for the rest of the royal family), you’d think the Windsor gang was over having the world rocked by a new book. It’s 2021! Why not just have your public image upended by a streaming service documentary series like other famous folks, am I right?

But a new memoir from Tina Brown threatens to add fuel to the already fiery few years the Palace has experienced. The book, The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor — The Truth and Turmoil, is due out next April, only a few months before Harry’s supposedly bombshell memoir also drops.

The news that the author of the new book is Tina Brown, the legendary magazine editor who ran The New Yorker, The Daily Beast, and Newsweek over her decades-long career, may get royal watchers especially excited—her previous book on the subject of the royals, 2007’s The Diana Chronicles, is considered one of the most important books written on the late Princess. This new book is considered her follow-up and, according to publisher Penguin, will be “full of powerful revelations, nuanced details, and searing insight” into the family.

Tina Brown

Tina Brown, famed magazine editor and author of the new book.

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Specifically, The Palace Papers will pick up where The Diana Chronicles left off, revealing new stories about the family over the course of 25 years, as they attempted to pull themselves back together after the death of Princess Diana. According to The Daily Mail, the details come from Brown’s “years of research and intimate access” to the family, and will supposedly not hold back when it comes to Prince Andrew’s associations with Jeffrey Epstein, and Meghan and Harry’s leave of the family. Per the Mail, the Palace is reportedly “bracing” for the book’s revelations—especially because, as the publisher puts it, the book will “irrevocably change how the world perceives and understands the royal family.”

Sounds like a good time to pre-order.

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