Jennifer Aniston Talks the New 'Do

The actress who has been setting beauty trends since "The Rachel" dishes on all things hair.

Jennifer Aniston is setting hair trends once again. The actress became one of the latest celebs to go short this month after her longtime hairstylist and close friend, Chris McMillan, chopped off some serious inches. spoke with Aniston about her new 'do and asked the actress to divulge her greatest of hair secrets.

Marie Claire: You and Chris McMillan have been collaborating on all things hair for quite some time now. What is your relationship like?

Jennifer Aniston: Well he's one of my dearest friends, even before he was my hairdresser. People think we're a married couple. He's so sweet. He's one of the most generous [people] and so kind. We've been there for each other through thick and thin, good times, heartbreak times.

MC: When you sit down in his chair, does he suggest a new hairstyle? When you went for the bob, for instance, how did that happen?

JA: Well, it just happened again by the way.

MC: Really?

JA: Yeah it's great and it'll grow back. But I am one of those people who the minute they cut it, I wish I hadn't and I wish I had my long hair back. But it's good for your hair.

MC: What do you consider your number one hair concern?

JA: Breakage. That's sort of it, you know, keeping it shiny and not breaking.

MC: How do you keep your hair healthy?

JA: It's about having a great product that doesn't build up. Also Omega-3s. Get your fish oils in there.

MC: What are your three favorite hair products?

JA: For me, it's Living Proof. The Restore Mask is a game changer. I love that and I use that once a week. And then also I love the No Frizz shampoo and conditioner.

MC: Has your hair always been your thing?

JA: Oh no. It's funny. Once you find a really great hairdresser, you really luck out, because my hair was not. It's not curly, it's not straight, it doesn't know what it is. And I've got all sorts of cowlicks everywhere. Left to my own devices as a teenager, I just ruined my hair. Whether it was getting just cheap hair dye from the supermarket or drug store, coloring it boysenberry, I believe, was a color that I sported in high school. I definitely went through a phase where I had shaved a mini Mohawk. It was just awful.

MC: How do you feel about the topknot?

JA: I kind of enjoy a topknot. I think they're cute.

MC: The fashion industry just rejoiced.

JA: I do love a topknot.

This interview has been condensed and edited.

Living Proof Shampoo

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Living Proof Conditioner

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Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment

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