Meghan Markle's Blog, The Tig, Is Cleverly Named: Branding Expert

She's a smart businesswoman.

Meghan Markle
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You may have heard the reports that Meghan Markle might be relaunching her lifestyle blog, The Tig.

As these rumors circulate, one branding expert has commented on the website's name, which he says is a great one in terms of setting the Duchess of Sussex up for success (talk about a tongue twister there, eh).

"The name is short, memorable, and has a unique spelling, which can make it stand out in a crowded market," David Olusegun told Express.

"Additionally, the name has a personal connection to Meghan, as it was inspired by her favorite wine, Tignanello. This personal connection can help create a deeper emotional connection between the brand and its audience."

With that said, obviously a name is just a name—something Olusegun was careful to specify.

"It's important to note that the name alone does not determine the success of a brand," he continued.

"The brand's mission, values, and content are also critical factors in building a strong and successful brand. Ultimately, the name should be seen as one component of a larger branding strategy."

The Express reports that the duchess had explained where "The Tig" came from in an interview with Emirates Woman in 2015 (the year before she met her husband Prince Harry).

"The name 'The Tig' comes from a wine called Tignanello—but oftentimes it's mispronounced, 'Tig-nanello,' and I had a sip of this wine about six or seven years ago, and it was the first time that I understood what people meant when they said, 'the body' or the 'legs,' the 'structure' of wine," the Suits alum said.

"It was such an, 'oh! I get it' kind of moment that for me it became a 'Tig' moment.

"That became my nickname for these 'ahas,' just like with fashion. That fashion is not just clothes—it can be art. That's such a 'Tig' moment."

Amid all this, it is worth noting that rumors of a Tig revival have been popping up left and right for years, and there's still no sign of it, so maybe don't hold your breath for the moment.

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