Watch Hilary Duff's New Video For 'All About You'

You can be her dirty little secret.

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Gone are the days where a vinyl record slung under one's arm could spark a tryst— or so we thought. Hilary Duff's new video for her country-tinged, first-crack-at-seduction track 'All About You,' begins with an analog meet-cute that could be sized up as old-souled or just plain hipster. But chances are you'll be most fixated on her amorous lyrics — you could be my dirty secret, I could be yours — and honky tonk two-steppin' anyway.

"The concept is, like, I meet a guy at a coffee shop, he drops a record and I pick up the record, and I kind of find him throughout the day," Duff told MTV News during the iHeartRadio music festival.So, there is a little bit of a love story going on there, But it's more about the choreography and the song. The choreography was actually pretty easy, but it was a lot of rehearsals and I wanted to be so particular because I'm not, like, a dancer and I didn't want to be, like, super-sexy time dancing."

The video far outweighs the one for her first single 'Chasing the Sun,' but we'd be lying if we said we haven't grown nostlagic for her Metamorphosis days.


Watch Hilary Duff's Comeback Music Video 'Chasing the Sun'

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