Music Spotlight: Eliza Moore (VIDEO)

Marie Claire sits down with the multi-talented Eliza Moore, a singer, song-writer and violinist.

Singer, songwriter, violinist, and soon-to-be record producer, Eliza Moore, is the type of artist that reminds the majority of us that we can barely hum. Having traversed the globe absorbing musical influences from Boston, London, Ireland, Scandinavia, and Iceland to name a few, Moore calls Montreal home and it is from Canada that her voice is finding new platforms. With the EP Everything to Me released in the fall and a full length record due out this year, Marie Claire caught up with the artist to get the low-down on how she went from yoga to theology to performing with Sara Bareilles to releasing a new album—all in one year.

Marie Claire: So how does one go from studying theology to co-lining with Sara Bareilles?

Eliza Moore: It was a strange spiral of events, as life always is, and I thought: This isn't exactly my dream [studying to be a hospital chaplain at McGill] so let's put all of this effort and excitement back toward music. It all coincided beautifully with this event I performed in the summer of 2012.

MC: What was the event?

EM: I performed at Rock for the River to raise money for an advocacy group called Save the River! Sara Bareilles was there and Jay Nash and a bunch of amazing musicians. [My performance] was just a big listing up of the songs I had written at that time. And Jay, who was the producer of this record [Everything to Me], was the leader of this festival. He coordinates all the musicians. He said, "I hear a new sound coming from you. I would love to produce an EP for you."

MC: Just like that? That's so cool! Tell me about this new sound.

EM: In the past I've done a lot of choir music. I'm very influenced by the modern Scandinavian composers and the whole scene coming out of Iceland where there's lots of ethereal vocal layers. I'm very drawn to that, and still am, but Jay thought, "OK, this is cool and great but let's hear the actual melody, what is your voice, what is the timbre? Let's find the color. Let's really get there. No more harmony. I want you to be uncomfortable here."

MC: So it was really pared down to the vocals. Did that work for you and your process?

EM: I really appreciated it. I think that's why it connects more intimately with the listener. It's funny, sometimes you think we have to put all this gloss all over it but what's right there is really...perfect.

MC: So true! I mean we're absolutely in love with Everything to Me. Been on loop here! And now that you're EP is out and killing it, what's up next?

EM: I am currently writing for a full-length record and I just made the decision to self-produce it, which is really a huge risk.

MC: Wow, congratulations! That's huge.

EM: It's going to be a big jump. It'll be a big winter. Toning down the touring a bit. Focusing on the record. Hopefully release it in the summer.

MC: Awesome. Any new sounds or directions for the LP?

EM: I've always wanted to write tunes that people really want to move to, ones that make you feel good. I've been into the band Metric. So maybe take it a little on the rock side.

Listen to the hit Everything to Me from Eliza Moore's record of the same name, and check out her video for Shimmer, also from the artist's EP, below.