MC@Play with Charli XCX

It should be no surprise by now that we at MC are absolutely obsessed with the stellar, too-cool-for-school femme pop stars who are currently owning the electropop scene. We're always on the hunt for more artists and their bumping tunes to profile in The Bulletin, so we were beyond thrilled when our Music Editor Sergio Kletnoy brought 20-year-old Charli XCX to the Hearst Tower.

This groovy Brit has been having quite the year. Her highly-anticipated debut album TRUE ROMANCE drops next week, which gives you plenty of time to get acquainted with her tracks, and of course, to pre-order it on iTunes. She's also been making prominent appearances on the music festival scene, playing a series of SXSW showcases while prepping for a Bonnaroo set come June. And throughout May, she'll be joining the phenom and equally girl crush-worthy Marina & The Diamonds on her upcoming "Lonely Hearts Club" tour.

Phew. Got all that? Despite her insanely busy schedule, she's taken the time to be candid about the personal significance of TRUE ROMANCE. The tracks loosely depict her own romantic track record in a raw and cathartic way. Her smash hit "You (Ha Ha Ha)" is a bumping mix of unique beats, '80s-inspired synth, and hauntingly honest lyrics. "We were addicted to the blueprint / But we threw it in the flame and now we're never gonna trace it," she belts in the first verse. We feel bad for that bloke, obviously: It's pretty clear that Charli XCX is something super-special.

Listen to "You (Ha Ha Ha)" below, and don't miss TRUE ROMANCE when it drops on April 16.

And here's the brand-new video for Charli XCX's latest hit, "What I Like."

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