Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson’s Son, Daniel, Shares an Emotional Tribute for the 15th Anniversary of His Mom’s Death

Richardson died at just 45 years old on March 18, 2009, following a skiing accident in Canada.

Richard Neeson, Liam Neeson, and Natasha Richardson
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It has been 15 years since Natasha Richardson's tragic passing in 2009, and one of her sons took to Instagram to pay tribute to this icon. Daniel Neeson shared an emotional message dedicated to his mom, a beautiful black-and-white photo of the actress alongside which he wrote "15 years since you’ve left this plane onto forever more. I look forward to re uniting one day but for now I take solace in knowing you’re beside me every step of the way."

He continued in the emotional post "Hopefully, I’m making you proud. I think you would definitely be proud of my margarita skills. She was the OG margarita mama! As a kid, I used to ask her for a sip of hers, and she would gently say not till you’re older. Little did she know I would one day start my own tequila brand and have way too many margaritas at my finger tips," he continued, referencing his De-Nada Tequila brand, which he co-founded with Adam Millman.

"My aunt, @joelyrichardsonsinsta who always brightens my day, said to me this week that we sometimes forget that we’re on an ever spinning planet," he continued. "Change is inevitable, and we must embrace it with open arms. If you’re a believer or not in quantum physics, the past, future and present coexist. We’re all interconnected here and over there through love. The greatest life force. choose it above all else."

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Natasha Richardson with her sons Micheal Neeson and Daniel Neeson

Natasha Richardson with her sons Micheal Neeson and Daniel Neeson in 2008

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Daniel is the son of Richardson and fellow actor Liam Neeson and has a brother, Michael. Liam and Richardson were married for 16 years before her tragic death on March 18, 2009, when she suffered a severe head injury in a skiing accident in Canada.

In an interview with Rolling Stone in February 2023, Liam claimed he didn't "know how to answer" the question of how he stayed afloat in the aftermath of his wife's death.

"Life goes on. Natasha's mother, Vanessa [Redgrave], and her sister [Joely Richardson] kind of moved in, and I had a wonderful assistant, Joanna," he said. "People just came to help, you know? In a big way. And I'll never, ever forget that."

Richardson was beloved for her numerous film roles, including The Parent Trap, which also starred Lindsay Lohan and Dennis Quaid. On Broadway, she appeared in productions like Anna Christie, Closer, and A Streetcar Named Desire, and won a Tony for her role in Cabaret.

Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson has not been in a long-term relationship since Natasha Richardson's death in 2009, 15 years ago

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Daniel's post received over 3,000 likes, and among the commenters was Bravo's Andy Cohen.

"Love you so much Danny. And so proud of you. Your mom would LOVE your margaritas, and she was the supreme connoisseur!" the Watch What Happens Live host wrote.

Cohen also shared his own tribute to his late friend Richardson, with a number of photos of the Tony Award-winning actress. The photos include shots of just Richardson, as well as her posing with Cohen and fellow actors like Sarah Jessica Parker, Ralph Fiennes, and Matthew Broderick.

"Fifteen years ago today, heaven got a new angel," Cohen wrote. "Natasha was 'Perfectly Marvelous'… and left a profound impact on her friends, and on millions who she touched as an artist. I’m trying to put into words the effect she had on my personal trajectory and one way I’m thinking is that she unlocked a window into the world that I’d never considered," referencing her role as Sally Bowles in Cabaret.

"She not only taught me about 'the good life' in all senses of the word (art, travel, food, wine, fashion), but beyond that she was dogmatic about the importance of community, shared experience, kindness, manners, laughter and love—all the truly important things in life. I think there was a part of me during those magical years where she was the ringleader for the best things in life that knew that this lightning in a bottle couldn’t last forever. I sure appreciated that time then, and it lives inside me forever."

He added "I can safely say Natasha would be disgusted with the rise of social media, and of the current state of the world and politics, but she would’ve remained the center of gravity for her family and friends who all lovingly floated in her orbit. We were a merry bunch bound completely together by Her. If you can, raise a glass today to the great Natasha Richardson and let her know we all miss her down here. ♥️ 😇"

According to a 2011 profile on Cohen in The New York Times, he met and grew close to Richardson through a mutual friend, actor John Benjamin Hickey.

Natasha Richardson

Natasha Richardson on one of her frequent trips to Studio 54

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