Uma Thurman Has the Best Response to Those Plastic Surgery Rumors

Class all the way.
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When 44-year-old Uma Thurman appeared at the NYC premiere of her new NBC show, The Slap, on Monday, she immediately sparked plastic surgery rumors with her distinctive new look. Walking the carpet sans eyeliner and mascara, she did put off a different vibe.

But the star spoke out on the Today show this morning—looking exactly like her usual gorgeous self —and had an awesomely normal-person defense. 

"I know I look weird!" Thurman told Savannah Guthrie when asked about the backlash to her appearance. "I don't know, I guess nobody liked my makeup. I've been doing this for years and years and years—people say things nice and they say things mean and it's like whatever," she remarked. "You take the good with the bad."

#whatever. #whatapro.

Watch the Today show interview here. 

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