7 Reasons Cara Delevingne Is Our Therapist Now

She's a modern day Plato.
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There are many incentives to clicking the follow button on Cara Delevingne's various social media soap boxes.

There's her famous friend cameos, contortionist-level silly faces, political statements (particularly that of the #FreetheNipple persuasion), and the occasional pal around with a safari animals. But what we love most about Delevingne infiltrating our feeds is that she's an everyday philosopher—posting inspirational quotes, both her own and recycled from other wise folk, that make us want to be better and say buh-bye to the haters once and for all.

In fact, her sage advice perks us up so regularly we're giving up the clinical therapy that costs us an arm and a leg in favor of a quick scroll through her Twitter. Here, find our best-loved words of Delevingne wisdom.








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