Bill Cosby Ordered to Take the Stand in Sexual Assault Case

It will be the first time in a decade that Cosby is forced to discuss allegations in court.

Bill Cosby
(Image credit: Getty Images)

This is big. After a flood of allegations about Bill Cosby's predatory past, and nothing but silence from Cosby and smear campaigns from his legal team, a judge has ordered Cosby to give a sworn deposition in October related to an ongoing lawsuit with Judy Harth, Us Weekly reports. This will be the first time in more than a decade that Cosby has been ordered to address the allegations in court. 

In a civil suit last December, Huth claims that Cosby molested her in the Playboy Mansion more than 40 years ago when she was just 15. The statute of limitations on the sexual assault has since passed, but Huth is claiming that she has suffered extreme emotional distress as a result, which gives her case clearance. Cosby's lawyer is claiming extortion (something his legal team has done before), and filed a countersuit. 

Cosby will be questioned by Huth's lawyer, Gloria Allred, who now represents a number of his alleged victims. 

Given that court documents have shown Cosby admitting to drugging a woman for sex, and that 34 other women have come forward to claim that they, too, have been sexually assaulted by Cosby (and there are suspected to be others), this is a highly anticipated testimony—and one that hopefully leads, finally, to justice.