Hey Foodies/Stalkers, This Is What William and Kate Ate at Their Wedding

From now on the only acceptable sauce is "Sauce Windsor."

Kate and WIlliam wave to the crowd on their wedding day.
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For some odd reason, Prince William and Kate Middleton didn't televise their wedding reception (did they not see how well Kim's Fairytale Wedding did?), which means no one got to watch them eat dinner with their friends. ("Friends" = The Queen)

William and Kate invited just 300 loved ones to dine with them on their wedding day, and the royal menu is currently up for auction—offering a lovely glimpse at what life is like for people who don't eat pizza three times a day.

The menu for Kate and William's wedding.

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The three-course meal began with marinated South Uist salmon, Lyme Bay crab, wild Hebridean langoustines and a fresh herb salad; peaked with Saddle of North Highland Mey Select organic lamb, Highgrove spring vegetables, English asparagus, Jersey Royal potatoes and something suspicious called "sauce Windsor"; and ended with a trio of Berkshire honey ice cream, sherry trifle and chocolate parfait. 

So you know, just your typical dinner—which was clearly gobbled up with great fervor based on the giant food stain over the word "cream."

In case this menu has given your life new meaning, feel free to bid on it at auction, where the starting price is a mere £650 (or about $718 and some change). 

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