Justin Bieber Hasn't Ruled Out Getting Back Together with Selena Gomez


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Don't ditch those Jelena hopes just yet, folks—it seems Justin Bieber might be on a not-so-subtle mission to win Selena's heart back. Let's consider the evidence: 1) He's said, a couple of times now, that he will always love her. 2) The two teamed up for a duet that leaked, post-breakup (still close, eh?). 3) He's now gone on record that he isn't against reuniting with his on-again, off-again, write-a-song-about-it flame.

While appearing on

Ellen, the 21-year-old star was grilled about everything from Peen Gate to his current love life—he outright denied dating model Jayde Pierce, blushing all the while—but when asked whether he'd ever get back together with Gomez, his answer was refreshing. 

"Maybe," he said, according to Us Weekly. "We have a lot of history together so it could possibly happen. I think we're both just on our own journeys, figuring ourselves out and once we've figured ourselves out we could maybe come together and make an awesome duo. Or she'll find someone awesome and I'll find someone awesome. I just want her to be happy, honestly."

Mature, well-reasoned, and a bit romantic. Your move, Selena. 

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