Sandra Bullock Opens Up About Her Worst-Ever Hollywood Experience


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There's been plenty of buzz about the Hollywood pay gap lately—and that's a great thing. But there's a larger issue at play that extends beyond contract negotiations: women in the industry aren't treated as equals, both on and off the red carpet. 

Depressingly, this lack of equality was fodder for the worst experience of Sandra Bullock's career. "I was actually doing a film about 10 years ago, and I found myself yelling and being angry. And I was like, 'What is happening to me?'" she told Yahoo!. "I was literally fearful. And I realized, it's because I'm female. It dawned on me. At that day and age, at that point in my career, it was the worst experience I ever had."

Bullock said the incident "destroyed" her, and that she was unable to move past it. "It was the way I was being treated, because I was female, versus the way others were being treated," she said. "It took a year and a half, where I regrouped, and thought, 'Okay, this is an isolated case.'"

Bullock says that increasingly-buzzy wage gap will only be fixable when women aren't perceived as less-than: "There's a much bigger issue at hand," she explained. "I'm glad Hollywood got caught."

Sandra = Goals.

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