Justin Bieber on Selena "Beyond Done" Gomez: "She Loves Me, I Love Her"

In the words of Sel, same old love.

Justin & Selena
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"Oh, yay," you naively thought when news broke of Justin Bieber dating Hailey Baldwin, "he's finally moving on from Selena Gomez." 

Yeah...not exactly. Despite Selena saying she is "beyond done" talking about her ex-boyfriend, Justin's love flame isn't burning out anytime soon (apologies for use of the phrase "love flame").

"What is she trying to do to my heart right now? I'm just kidding. She loves me. I love her, too, always," Justin said on  The Bert Show.  "I just want her to be happy. I love [Selena]. We're friends still. We needed time to grow for ourselves and we were like, 'Maybe we'll come back together in the future,' and then it ended up being so long and we just grew apart and we're not the same people anymore."

As for that whole Kourtney Kardashian maybe, maybe not fling, he *finally* seemed to address them while on The Bert Show. Kind of. "I'm being used, man. What can I say?" he told the host with a laugh. When asked if there was anything else to say, he said: "Nah, we'll leave it at that." 

Justin has a lot of ~*feelings*~, but his musings about Selena are so sweet and with a no kiss-and-tell policy, there's no way they can take issue, right? He's basically a modern-day Shakespeare, only with cooler taste in man-buns and more awards.

Justin Bieber

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