Pink Criticizes Women Who Use Their Bodies to "Get Attention" in the Midst of Kim Kardashian #SelfieGate

No names were named, but that timing, tho.


If you were to compare Kim Kardashian's nude selfie to a sport, this would be the point where one guy sort of has the football but then 50 people come piling on. Pink is the latest celebrity to make a statement, and while she doesn't name Kardashian specifically, her lengthy tweet does seem to be inspired by current events.

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Because this is the internet, commenters responded savagely, posting images of Pink from a topless photo shoot to point out the perceived hypocrisy of her essay. Others simply slammed the singer for being "judgmental" of other women. 

Kim hasn't made a peep since she wrote her own treatise on self-empowerment, but somewhere out there, she's watching all the action unfold like...


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