Melissa McCarthy Legit Believes in Ghosts, Communicated with Them as a Child


Melissa McCarthy
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Some of us might be having trouble trusting Melissa McCarthy at the moment because of the Great Sookie Deception, but still—I really want to believe that baby Melissa talked to the dead, like she revealed during a presentation ofGhostbusters on Tuesday.

"I grew up on a farm and I didn't have any real friends," she said. "I have a very strong belief that people are out there, because I was certainly talking to someone in those barns. Otherwise I'm just crazy. I really strongly believe in ghosts." 

Who else just got chills? Speaking of, that's kind of how McCarthy felt remaking the original films, which she said "loom large for [her]." 

"I love an underdog story and I love when these people kind of become the heroes," she said. "As a moviegoer, it makes us feel that we can do it. I showed the originals to my kids, and when I had a shot to do it, not just with Paul, but with these three other women, it was like, 'What am I, nuts?' Of course I want to do it." 👊

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