7 Things You Need to Know About Tinashe

From joyrides to mastering the art of the driver's license photo.

Brian Higbee

Tinashe just released "Superlove" off her upcoming album Joyride. But does the 23-year-old singer actually enjoy cruising? Answer: an emphatic "yes." Here's what we mean—and what else you need to know about music's hot new star.

Driver's Ed: "A joyride is driving around with no particular destination in mind. I do it all the time, usually by myself at night. I enjoy the solitude of it. It gives me time to think and be in my own space."

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Are We There Yet? "There's a lot to explore in Los Angeles. I like to drive to places that are visually stimulating—the beach, the hills, the canyons—where I get a lot of ideas."

License to Drive: "I got my license at 17; my dad taught me. When I drive with my mom, she's always nervous. I'm like, 'Relax!'"

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Hot Wheels: "I just got a new car: Ferrari California, black with a red interior. I've actually wanted a Ferrari California since I was 16. Okay—it was mostly about the look."

Carpool Karaoke: "'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)' by the Backstreet Boys."

Fast and Furious: "I've probably hit 100 mph before, driving to Vegas. So yeah, I've gotten a speeding ticket. I didn't even try to talk my way out of it. I can't talk my way out of things if I'm guilty of something. I'm too honest! The officer was nice and said, 'I think you were going faster than this, but I'll say you were going 80.'"

Flashing Lights: "My driver's license photo is bomb. Every time I go to the DMV, I'm like, 'Can we reuse that photo?' I was serving face."

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