Cancel Your Plans 'Cause Beyoncé Just Shared Home Videos of Blue Ivy and Jay Z

All in the name of athleisure.

(Image credit: Giphy)

First of all, Ivy Park's Fall/Winter 2016 line is here, so get thee to a Top Shop. Second of all, Beyoncé turned her swag on and delivered a gorgeous campaign for the collection—complete with home videos of Jay Z and Blue Ivy. #ByeForever because we are #Dead.

The commercial is complete with Lemonade-esque narration, during which Bey muses, "I stretch my body out like the horizon. I teach my body every day that I can go a little further. I know my body can learn how to bend and not break. I know what it's capable of. I've seen it perform miracles...When I'm about to give up, I picture that one person I love more than anyone. I picture them wherever they are in the world, and I imagine myself running towards them."

Annnnd enter Blue and Jay.

Final words from Bey: "I see their face and they're smiling, and they're cheering, and they're so proud of me. They're shouting my name. And I make it to the end. I push past the pain, and I find love."

Cool, off to buy some spandex leotards, see ya.

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Mehera Bonner
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