'Millennials: The Musical' Features a 20-Something's Biggest Nightmare: A Lost Phone

The hilarious YouTube production is the brainchild of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Lin Manuel Miranda Dwayne The Rock Johnson
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It's about *time* millennials got their own musical. JK, but Millennial: The Musical is here and it's everything you never ever knew you wanted and more.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda, the master of all things music-related, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson teamed up on Millennial: The Musical, which pokes fun at all things millennial in a highly LOL-able way. The duo teased the satirical musical a week ago while promoting their new movie Moana, and now it has officially been released on YouTube. And yes, there is some signature Lin-Manuel Miranda rapping *gold* in the musical. It's catchy AF.

The musical's heroine, Crystal, is living her best life. She's a 22-year-old SoulCycle-loving, selfie-obsessed, Bumble-dating Brooklynite. But Crystal tragically loses her phone, and her entire world unravels. She can't even find her favorite artisanal spot (it's a yoga/wellness center/juice bar/record store combo, of course) without Google maps. Because the struggle is SO REAL. Luckily, her adorably non-2016 neighbor, Jack, helps out. He has a flip phone and carries an actual, physical map, but in a cute way.

Millennial: The Musical also features a music festival, dabbing, an entire song about hashtags (#finally), and a love story for the ages. Watch the entire musical above.

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