In Which Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyles About Harry Potter and Unicorns

"I know that rap was tragic, but I'm a unicorn brony and friendship is magic."

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in-Manuel Miranda and his short hair just visited The Tonight Show, and you know what that means...more epic Wheel of Freestyle realness.

In the event that you didn't see Wheel of Freestyle Volume One, this game basically involves Jimmy Fallon giving Miranda three random words/subjects and then flailing gleefully as the Hamilton star busts out spontaneous rhymes. In this moment, friends, Jimmy Fallon is all of us.

So, the best lines from Miranda's freestyle?

1. "I'm going above and beyond, I'm Sirius Black I've got my magic wand. And ah yeah, there's nothing you can do to harm us, avada kedavra and yo, expelliarmus."

2. "Oh man, this is such a roller coaster, I'm just trying to pop right out of your toaster."

3. "Yes, I know that rap was tragic, but I'm a unicorn brony and friendship is magic."

4. "I got an erection today, I can't wait to choose my choice on election day."

Bow down. And also, Tariq from The Roots delivered a pretty sick rap about guacamole, just saying.

In other news, Lin-Manuel Miranda's Saturday Night Live promos just dropped and they are best defined as "charming." Watch below.

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