Ross Geller Has a "Rate My Professor" Page and the Reviews Are Hysterical

"He was an okay professor. But I worked so hard on my paper and he didn't even read it. He said he fell asleep just because it was 18 pages 'FRONT AND BACK.'"

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Let's face it, much as we love him, Ross Geller was not a very good professor of paleontology at NYU. He faked a British accent, gave a bad undergraduate a great grade because he said he loved him, and then dated one of his actual students. Although he did have a killer velociraptor impression...

Still, it makes sense that his "Rate My Professor" page would give him a somewhat mixed rating. Overall, Ross faired pretty well, with over 80% of people saying they would take his class again.

Sadly, though, he only got one chili pepper in hotness.

His reviews also illustrated his unorthodox teaching methods.

It's okay, Ross, we still love you.

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