Emma Stone Says Directors Have Stolen Her Jokes and Given Them to Men

Hollywood sexism is alive and kicking.

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So, at this point we can probably all agree that sexism is a very real problem in Hollywood—despite the fact that it's full of people who'd likely never admit to being part of the problem. But in case you need more convincing, Emma Stone just revealed that she's been on sets with male directors who not only silenced her ideas, but straight-up stole them.

"There are times in the past, making a movie, when I've been told that I'm hindering the process by bringing up an opinion or an idea," Stone recently told Rolling Stone. "I hesitate to make it about being a woman, but there have been times when I've improvised, they've laughed at my joke and then given it to my male costar. Given my joke away."

Stone went on to explain, "Or it's been me saying, 'I really don't think this line is gonna work,' and being told, 'Just say it, just say it, if it doesn't work we'll cut it out'—and they didn't cut it out, and it really didn't work!"

This makes our collective hearts/heads hurt. Time to start listening to the many talented, intelligent, and funny women in Hollywood, men.

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