Here, Look Inside Emma Watson's Personal Closet and Be Filled with Jealousy

It'll make you want to KonMari yours immediately.

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When Emma Watson talks fashion, words like "sustainable" and "eco-friendly" come up a lot. And, while this will probably surprise zero people who know much about her, she doesn't just talk the talk. She walks the walk and then some.

Watson recently opened up her closet for Coveteur, and told them that she's been paring down her wardrobe as she moves toward only buying and wearing sustainable fashion. The result? An enviably low-key closet.

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"[Becoming conscious about dressing] has been incredibly liberating in a funny way," she explained. "It's narrowed my options so much, I'm so much more creative. I actually really think it's helped me dress better because I have less, but they're things that are perfect."


The fact that Watson's wardrobe looks so perfectly Instagrammable isn't really a coincidence. The actress told Coveteur that she's turned to the social media platform more and more recently when shopping because it's a great place to discover sustainable brands. Remember that next time you have to defend your app addiction.


"I think so much more carefully about what I buy, and I buy less because I edit so carefully," she said. "I'm tending to shop online a lot more; I use Instagram [to shop] a lot more than I used to, because I find lots of brands through it. I would often find I was going into stores and feel like, 'Oh, I've only got an hour, I need to buy something, this isn't what I came in for but it's here, so I'll purchase it.' I never do that now."

Now that's shopping wisdom to live by. 🙌

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