Disney Revealed All the Easter Eggs You Missed in Your Favorite Childhood Movies

Begin your shared universe theories now.


If you're a Disney fan—even a casual one—you're probably aware that the iconic studio's animators love to put hidden Easter Eggs in their movies.

Hidden Mickeys (three circles coming together to form Mickey Mouse's silhouette) are probably the most famous of these, but the animators don't stop there. They have a habit of putting characters from previous (and upcoming) Disney movies into other movies—always in subtle ways.

Why? Mostly because when they started doing this (before DVD or even VHS were really a thing) the hidden references were a fun inside joke that they didn't think anyone would actually catch.

Luckily, the internet is a great and glorious thing, and the very popular (and very official) Disney blog, Oh My Disney just released a video that highlights some of the hidden Easter Eggs you might have missed over the years.

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