Tilda Swinton Based the Villain in Her New Film on Ivanka Trump

The shade.

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(Image credit: Netflix)

If you were to create mood board for the antagonist in a political satire about a friendship between a young girl and a hippo-like creature named Okja, you would probably be more likely to think Scar of Lion King fame than...Ivanka Trump. But this is why we pay Tilda Swinton the big bucks—to make that connection while throwing shade at a certain unnamed heir to "a rotten great fortune built on the corrupt and morally repugnant initiatives carried out by her father." (Can you say "complicit" again?)

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(Image credit: Netflix)

In an interview with The Wrap, everybody's favorite earthbound elfin alien explained the inspiration behind her character Lucy Mirando in Okja, head of the evil corporation that genetically engineers the titular animal.

"When we shot in New York last summer, I stood watching the Republican convention on the television in our lunch break dressed as Lucy, watching a different daughter of a different dubious dynasty addressing, from a high podium, a big crowd with glossy blond hair, expensive orthodontics and modeling her Barbie-perfect modest pink dress (concurrently on sale online). Chicken? Egg?"

Ohmygoodness. At least there's no doubt about one thing: Tilda is queen.

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