Gabrielle Union's Best Career Advice? "Don't Be an Asshole"

And 40 other things you need to know about the actress and new author.

The star of BET drama Being Mary Jane is a newly minted author—her fearless personal essay collection, We're Going to Need More Wine, comes out this month.

1. If I weren't an actress, I'd be: A lawyer. I'd be fighting for the rights of the oppressed.

2. Best career advice I've gotten: Don't be an asshole.

3. Most gracious response to a career setback: Sending flowers or a handwritten note to the actress who got the job.

4. Least gracious response to a career setback: Stalking the actor's Instagram and zooming in on their pics and finding flaws...flaws that still not change the fact they got the job and I didn't!

5. The three qualities that got me where I am today: Punctuality, photographic memory, and humor.

6. Moment I felt I made it: The first time someone who wasn't related to me or someone I went to school with knew my name while traveling.

7. Most agonizing career decision I've ever made: Turning down projects I love because I knew I didn't have the energy to give the job 100 percent.

8. Easiest career decision I've ever made: Turning down a job where I'd have to work with a known racist, sexist bigot.

9. Kind of work I'd do for free: Hanging out with dogs.

10. Favorite perk of the job: Hair and makeup, endless Twizzlers.

11. Worst pitfall of the job: Working with hair and or makeup people that never felt the need to learn how to do black women.

12. What my career looks like in 5 years: More writing, more producing, and more creating projects for underrepresented people.

"My career in 5 years: More writing, more producing, and more creating projects for underrepresented people."

14. How I made my first dollar: Winning a race against my cousins.

15. Who I admire and why: Anyone who kicks ass and is unapologetic.

16. Last thing I binge-watched: Stranger Things.

17. Book that left a lasting impression on me: Autobiography of Malcolm X.

18. Song that always makes me cry: "Love Will Lead You Back," by Taylor Dane.

20. Song I want played at my funeral: "Night to Remember," by Shalamar.

21. First album I bought: New Edition's first album, "Candy Girl."

22. On my bucket list: Machu Picchu.

23. Food I'm not ashamed to admit I love: Margarine or imitation crab.

24. Cocktail of choice: Tequila on the rocks with lime.

27. How my perfect day would begin: Sleeping in extremely late.

28. How my perfect day would end: Dancing on a table listening to '80s and '90s R&B.

35. The last time I felt beautiful was: This morning after I worked out.

36. The beauty essential you have to pry out of my cold, dead hands: One gallon of water.

37. My first kiss: My first real kiss was with Brian Weaver.

40. Advice to a woman with a broken heart: Watch Splendor in the Grass.

41. Relationship advice to my younger self: Have more sex, lots of it, and demand you have orgasms as well.

This article appears in the October issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands September 19.