Watch the Kardashians Get Super Defensive When Asked If They Promote "Unattainable Beauty"

Awkward times.

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Megyn Kelly recently sat down to interview the Kardashians, and literally asked if they're forces of "good" or "evil" (totally normal question 👀). Why? Because young girls who follow them—and don't have access to the same money/services—might feel pressured to achieve "perfection."

As Megyn herself said: "The people who don't love it say, 'My daughter doesn't look like a Kardashian. And she feels pressured to be perfect and to look like they look.'"

While Kendall responded with a simple, "None of us are perfect," Khloe had a lengthier and more defensive (but completely fair) take:

"I grew up with sisters that everybody else was comparing me to, but I had such an amazing core base that I never felt less than. If [anybody] is comparing themselves to somebody else, that's your responsibility at home to teach them what core values are, and to be a good person from within."

Meanwhile, Kim seemed frustrated that negativity often outweighs the positive impact her family has: "We've shown so much more positive things...they only want to focus on, 'Oh they're superficial, oh they're wearing makeup, oh they're this.'"

At the end of the day, there is something to be said for how young girls internalize celebrity beauty standards. But that's a larger conversation that goes far beyond just the Kardashians, and ultimately, women should be able to do what they want with their own makeup/beauty without a constant barrage of criticism.

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